Dotris Press Release

N A Soft is proud to release our First title, Dotris, in support of the ClearVision Library.
Dotris is a computer game specifically designed for the blind which is unique in the Blind Gaming arena as it is the only game currently on the market that is played using a Braille Display. A Braille Display is a piece of equipment which some blind computer users have access to which, when combined with a screen reader, displays in Braille what is on the computer screen.
Dotris is a puzzle type of game where the object is to build a wall of dots on the left of the display using shapes which fly in from the right. Described as strangely addictive by one of the test team, users position and rotate the shapes to build the wall and score points.
Dotris doesn’t depend on any particular screen reader and is supported on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. It supports over 20 different types of display from the vast majority of Braille display manufacturers as it uses the same Technology used in the Dolphin Computer Access line of products to control the Braille display.
Nick Adamson, designer and developer of Dotris, said “I started to develop Dotris as a programming challenge. As a Braille user I’ve wondered for a long time whether a game like this would be possible using a Braille display. Well it can be done and it’s a lot of fun to play.”
Nick has developed it in his spare time fitting in development around his day job as a Software Engineer and looking after his young family. “While developing Dotris I normally came home from work, spent time with my wife and 2 young children. Then once my wife had gone to bed or work and the Kids were asleep I’d spend a couple of hours coding.” says Nick.
Rather than release the game for users to purchase or release it as freeware it was Nick’s intention to encourage the use of Braille through the game. With this in mind Dotris has been released as Donationware. This means that there is no charge to download the game however users are expected to make a donation to a charity chosen. Users are asked to value the game and donate what they believe its worth to the ClearVision children’s library. A charity which modify printed children’s books by inserting Braille text enabling blind children or parents to read the books.
Nick says, “ClearVision is a fantastic service which has enabled me to be able to read to my kids. I worry about the decline in Braille skills and trying to raise the profile and money for the ClearVision library is my attempt to help slow this decline. As I used to hate reading Braille it’s a complete turn around in my attitude to Braille in the last 10 years.” Nick goes on to say “Huge thanks to my volunteer test team and to the guys at Dolphin who have allowed me to use their SAM software to control the displays.”
To find out more about Nicks love hate relationship with Braille and information and links to download Dotris visit the N A Soft section of the website.
N A Soft can be contacted through their twitter account @N_A_Soft or via the website.