Paying for Dotris

Remember Dotris is not free. Its donationware which means that there is know charge to download Dotris however users are expected to donate what they feel the game is worth to the ClearVision Library using the below link.

How much should you donate?
That is up to you? But the following facts may help you decide.
  • The ClearVision library is a small Charity, with just £15 GBP they can produce 1 combined print and Braille book.
  • The ClearVision library donít spend donated money on expensive advertising campaigns or producing lots of information, your donations will go to supporting the learning and promotion of Braille skills.
  • Similar types of games cost between £5 to £10, GBP.
  • Over 200 hours has gone into Dotris development and testing, development of software like this is not a simple undertaking.

  • It is not necessary to register with the My Donate Service, when making a donation you will be prompted to register however there is also a link to donate with out going through the full registration process.
    Go to the Dotris page on My Donate to make your payment.
    To find out more about the ClearVision Library have a look at their website.