Version Information

The current version of Tube Sim is 1.1.0

Information When Upgrading

When installing a new version of tube sim over an existing version your current game progress and data will be saved, you will not lose any in game progress you’ve made.

For those using the full installer this will be automatic.

For those using the portable version of the game progress is stored in TubeSimUserData.dat, saved in the same location as the Tube Sim program. If copying the content of the Zip folder over an existing version of the portable files this file will not be overwritten. If you wish to unzip the content to a different location, simply copy the TubeSimUserData.dat from your old location to your new location to retain game progress.

Version History.

1.0 – December 2016

Initial release.

1.1 – June 2020

In game audio is now available in French and significant updates to the code have been made to allow the possibility of supporting more languages in the future.

A number of bug fixes and minor updates including:

  • removing a number of leading silences in audio files.
  • reducing the possibility of large speed reductions.
  • improving the carriage temperature system to avoid implausible values.
  • , improving a number of sounds and rerecording some prompts.
  • Reducing the sound of outside ambience events when near a platform.
  • Option in the main menu to select language.
  • Option in the main menu to switch on and off unit announcements during game play.
  • Improved intelligence of passenger boarding and disembarking code.